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Quinlivan welcomes huge progress in Limerick’s Film Studio Hub

Cllr. Maurice Quinlivan has welcomed “the announcement of further progress in establishing a “film media hub” in the former Dell site in Plassey.

The proposal to establish a “Major International Media Hub” If this Hub is a huge boost to Limerick city and the entire Mid-West region.”

Sinn Féin Limerick Councillor and general election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has said that the Labour Party has all but become "the Fine Gael B team" Further evidence of this is the Labour party agreeing to a voting pact with their government partners for the general election.

"This voting pact simply extends the Labour Party's approach in government into the general election campaign. That approach has been to roll-over for the most right-wing of Fine Gael's policies. Not only has the Labour Party leadership been happy to roll-over for their austerity agenda, but their Ministers have been in control of the key departments which have administered the most vicious cuts impacting the lives of many ordinary Limerick people.

"A vote for the Labour Party is now clearly a vote for Fine Gael. In Limerick, the Labour Party will be asking people to endorse the austerity agenda on families over the past four and half years. Essentially, the Labour Party will be asking people to return a Fine Gael-led government.

"Hopefully, the people of Limerick will remember this when they go to cast their votes at the next general election.. "

“Sinn Féin believes a fair recovery is possible. Sinn Féin are the only alternative to the Fine Gael led austerity agenda. A Fair Recovery needs a new type of politics that respects citizens and operates with equality and fairness.