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Government TDs in Limerick are tolerating the housing crisis

Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has slammed government TDs in Limerick for what he described as "their tolerance of the housing crisis".

Councillor Quinlivan said that the crisis is a national emergency that Fine Gael and Labour TDs in Limerick clearly find acceptable.

"The scandal of the housing crisis is perhaps the greatest indictment of this government. Fine Gael and Labour TDs in Limerick should be called-out for their tolerance of what is a national emergency.

"The housing crisis is out of control with the supply of rental homes at an all-time low and we have seen an increase of 8.2% in rents across the country since this time last year.

"Rising rents in the private sector, coupled with a clear lack of a social housing strategy from government, means that more and more people are being pushed into homelessness and emergency accommodation.

"There are approximately 100,000 people on housing lists throughout the state. In Limerick there are 5,000 on the housing list. There are children in Limerick whose welfare, education and quality of life is being drastically undermined as a result of this crisis.

"This is a scandal which Fine Gael and Labour Party TDs in Limerick find acceptable. They either do nothing or prop-up a government that implement policies which make the situation even worse.

"We need people in government with the political will to face up to the housing crisis. That means making different choices. The state must build social housing. We need to see an immediate increase in rent supplement and HAP. It is crucial that legislation is enacted to protect tenants in the private rental sector to ensure rent certainty and security of tenure.

"Government TDs in Limerick need to be honest and face up to the scale of the housing crisis

"They have all played their part in this government's failure to renew the state's public housing stock to what is desperately required. This is a failure that has driven thousands of people into a ruthless rental market in which profit is the only goal."