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Two Ministers, No Motorway

Sinn Féin Limerick Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has described as "a huge disappointment to Limerick" the failure of Ministers Michael Noonan and Jan O'Sullivan to have the upgrading of the main Limerick to Cork Motorway (N20) included in Capital Spending Plan announced by the Government yesterday.

"The failure of Ministers Michael Noonan and Jan O'Sullivan to have the crucial upgrading of the N20 included in the capital spending plan is a massive betrayal for the people of Limerick. It is clear that these two Ministers have failed to stand up for Limerick.

"Once again, Limerick has been relegated to second place when it comes to national policy and investment projects. Ministers Noonan and O'Sullivan are responsible for that reality.

"Only last February we had government Ministers stating that the upgrading of the N20 is 'essential for balanced regional development' and yet it has been excluded from the government's plans for the future.

"Limerick and the wider region has been starved of capital investment and infrastructure development. This had led to a massive imbalance in population between the east and west coast as more people move to Dublin and the surrounding areas because of the failure of government to properly invest in key infrastructure projects like the N20. These failures have massive economic and social repercussions.

Commenting on the capital spending plan in its totality, Cllr Quinlivan said;

"It is very unambitious. It is clear that there is very little additional year on year spend included and that most of the measures included have simply been repackaged and re-announced. The announcement was heavy in PR or value for the government but very light in substance when you consider that there will only be €250 million additional spend next year and even less additional spend the year after. The timing of this cobbled together announcement smacks of auction politics."