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Truth of unequal Budget is emerging

Sinn Féin Councillor and General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has highlighted evidence  emerging from both the ESRI and Social Justice Ireland that demonstrates the regressive and unequal nature of the Budget. Cllr Quinlivan was responding to the analysis carried out by the organisations which showed that the better off have, once again, gained most from the budget.

“The unfairness in Budget ‘16 is now coming to light and once again it is the wealthiest sections of society who have come out on top. The ESRI analysis highlights how the lowest 20% of our population comes out worst of any group in the Budget. Yet, we are told everybody was a winner.

“The real winners were the highest earners who in real and relative terms will now be wealthier than the rest of society than they were the day before budget day. That is the true nature of Budget 2016 and it is no accident. It is by design and by policy that the more you have the more you get under Fine Gael and Labour.”

“Labour supporters in particular must be dismayed at another budget that favours the wealthy, at the expense of low and middle income earners. The last Budget of the government, like every one before it, widened the gap between rich and poor.”

“Despite the government spin, the actual middle earners in our society, those earning around €28,500, benefit little from the budget. Only two days after Budget day and the fog is clearing to reveal the true nature of budget 2016. The picture is of more of the same and top earners moving further away from the majority of hard working families and of the emergence of an unequal and unfair recovery.”