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St. Mary’s Park Clean­up

Councillor Quinlivan said: “This work was long overdue and has been well received by the people of St. Mary’s Park.

The area was subjected to illegal dumping over a huge number of years. The local community, residents groups and regeneration committee have campaigned for years to get this area cleaned up.

“This area was in a very bad state and required massive remedial work to return it to its natural beauty. Most of this work has now been completed. A small portion of the green area at the adjacent Assumpta Pak should be sorted soon as well.

The allocation of this funding was extremely welcome and meant that a full and proper clean-up has now been completed. This was not a simple issue of someone dumping occasionally but a sustained dumping for years took place in the area, often by rogue rubbish collectors. It was in an appalling state, there was huge health concerns and I’m delighted that work is now completed. I am also sure that with the enhanced CCTV systems we now have in place dumping on the scale that occurred over the years will never happen ag“I commend the local people for their patience whilst being inconvenienced during the remedial work which they agreed was vital. It was unfair that people had to live in such close proximity to what was basically illegal dump for so long.”

This dump has been a scar on an otherwise very scenic location in Limerick. It is a Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and now has the potential along with proposed work on flood defences and repair to Island Bank walkway to become one of the most scenic areas in the city.

Note: Remedial work cost in excess of €750,000