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Waterways Ireland must Compensate Residents


13 Dec 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan said “it is now clear that Waterways Ireland’s failure to monitor the Canal Bank caused the serious flood in Corbally on Saturday. This was not an “act of god” or “freak of nature”. Rather it was something which could have been easily avoided. I am in no doubt it was primarily caused by the ineptitude of Waterways Ireland. Approximately 14 houses at Richmond Park, Corbally, were flooded, the Local School was affected and the local Rugby Club, St. Mary’s RFC is still assessing potential damage to its facilities as a result of this flooding.


 Cllr. Quinlivan said “Local residents are rightly incensed with what they see as serious neglect and ineptitude of those supposedly in charge of the Canal. They firmly believe that their concerns were ignored. If these concerns were taken into consideration and appropriate action taken then people would not be standing in their flooded homes today.”

Cllr. Quinlivan added : “On Thursday, along with with my fellow Sinn Fein Councillor, Malachy McCreesh I observed workers from Waterways Ireland on the Canal Lock gate. There was clearly a problem with the water level in the canal. The Park Locke gates were closed and the water was backed up with nowhere to go. Fortunately on that occasion a potential flood was prevented which threatened Lelia Place, St. Mary’s RFC and potentially both AbbeyLock and AbbeyVale, They managed to force open the Lock Gate literally minutes before local homes were flooded.


Yet here we are three days later with the same problem with the Lock Gate! The exact same problem occurred again but this time homes were flooded. Waterways Ireland was aware of the problem with the Lock Gate but clearly didn’t take effective action. In effect they were playingroulette with the homes of local residents. Their failure to stop the build­up of water in the canal combined with their failure to maintain the Lock Gate in a state “fit for purpose” is disgraceful. Especially in the light of their near miss on Thursday. Somebody must be held to account.


Quinlivan concluded: “It is simply not good enough that this can happen. We need a response and I will be calling for Waterways Ireland to address the next Metropolitan Meeting and explain exactly what happened and to compensate the Corbally residents as a matter of urgency.”