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Limerick Trolley Numbers Soar ­ Along With Empty Government Promises

Quinlivan: Limerick Trolley Numbers Soar ­ Along With Empty Govt Promises

Limerick Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan has said that the government’s chaotic and bungled approach to healthcare continues in Limerick.

The latest INMO daily Trolley Watch figures since Christmas state that Limerick’s University Hospital had the highest numbers every day of citizens languishing on trolleys across the state.

Quinlivan said: “This continued hospital crisis in Limerick is unacceptable by any standard. “These figures highlight the impact on the sick and vulnerable of this government’s failure in relation to healthcare. Limerick is particularly affected by this shameful situation.

“There is no progress re patients on trollies in Limerick. In December UL Hospitals Group chief executive Professor Colette Cowan said the target of no more than eight patients waiting for admission was achievable. These figures confirm that the situation is only getting worse. This is despite the best efforts of frontline staff who continue to be put under impossible pressure on a daily basis."

"Meanwhile numerous Government TD's have made fresh pledges to end the scandal of patients on trolleys. It is clear that they are nothing more than rhetoric to get them through the run up to the election. To quote one Labour Minister,"Sure isn’t that what you do at election time".

The truth is that this Government's health policy IS patients on trolleys. They've had 5 years to address this problem, and have failed each year in turn."

“No doubt Fine Gael­Labour will make more promises as the election looms. It is up to the electorate to remember the pledges broken in the past.

“The source of the trolley crisis in emergency departments is partly due to inefficiencies within the system, for example not all hospitals discharge seven days a week."

“However, it is mainly due to lack of capacity of staff and beds coupled with inadequate supply of exit packages, including home help hours, home care packages and nursing home beds.

“Sinn Féin proposes to tackle the problem by increasing frontline staff, including consultants, nurses, midwives, dentists and allied health professionals.

“We need to increase capacity after years of staff cutbacks and bed shortages.

“Sinn Féin is the only party with a costed vision and plan for the health service, it is time to end the two tier system of unequal access to healthcare.”

Trolley Watch INMO daily figures since Christmas.

29 December 25

30 December 27

31 December 30

01 January 2016 42