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Call for new Castleconnell secondary school.


 Sinn Fein General Election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has called for a new secondary school for the Castleconnell area of the Limerick City constituency.

Responding to the recent election promise of a new secondary school for the Castletroy area of the city, Councillor Quinlivan said “There is definitely a need for new secondary school on that side of the city, but Castleconnell appears to be ignored in terms of consideration for location."

“When you consider that there are 3 primary schools across Castleconnell, Lisnagry and Ahane with 800 pupils in total, I believe there is a strong case for siting any new secondary school between Annacotty and Castleconnell.

The Sinn Fein Councillor continued “ For a number of years now many parents in the Castleconnell and Ahane areas have had no choice other than to send their children out of the county to be educated in Co Tipperary. There is also increasing concern about the future priority that pupils from these areas will have with regard to schools in the Castletroy and city areas.

 “A secondary school  close to Castleconnell would meet the needs of parents across a wide range of locations including Annacotty and Castletroy. It would also bring badly needed sporting and recreational facilities to the communities in these areas, areas that have largely been forgotten when it comes to investment by the State.”

“A positive decision in favour of Castleconnell would also give a significant economic lift to the local economy in that part of the county, with shops, café’s and local employment all being given a lift.”

 Councillor Quinlivan concluded “The Castleconnell area has been largely forgotten by sitting TD’s for too long. It has seen a massive increase in housing, but no corresponding investment in resources or sporting and recreational amenities. Prioritising this area for a new secondary school would be a significant step in correcting this situation”